Posted by: Eastwood Baptist | January 3, 2011

Howard Thurman (1899-1981) Poems

“The Work of Christmas”

When the star in the sky is gone

When the kings and princes are home

When the shepherds are back with their flocks

The work of Christmas begins:

To find the lost

To heal the broken

To feed the hungry

To release the prisoners

To rebuild the nations

To bring peace among the people.

“Prayer Poem”

O Holy God,
   open unto me
    light for my darkness,
    courage for my fear,
    hope for my despair.
O loving God,
   open unto me
    wisdom for my confusion,
    forgiveness for my sins,
    love for my hate.
O God of peace,
   open unto me
    peace for my furmoil,
    joy for my sorrow,
    strength for my weakness.
O generous God,
   open my heart
    to receive all your gifts.  Amen.


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